AZ Rent GmbH provides short-term and long-term car rental services, transfer services and commercial vehicles. We offer qualitative, practical and fast services to our clients and partners.


Choosing our car rental services gives you the chance to select your car from a wide range of options, based on the allocated budget and particularities you wish the card to provide.


In the case in which you go for a long-term rental, all you have to do is decide which type of car suits you best and the period of time you wish to rent it for. We’ll take care of the rest!


AZ Rent understands and takes very much into consideration that fact that your preferences and necessities might change, which is why we are ready to provide you with the most suitable type of vehicle, even in the case where you wish to transport goods and merchandise. For such necessity, AZ Rent makes a wide range of autotrasporters available, providing room for up to 7,5 tons.


If you are visiting Frankfurt for leisure or business interests, AZ Rent is your partner and guide. Choose our premium rental or transfer services and one of our chauffeures will accompany you wherever you need. With AZ Rent, you have the opportunity to put confort and advantages first!